Dongchun Lee
Wood were a symbol of old common human life, interpreted in various cultures and subject to spiritual communication, especially in the East. Wood have long been a symbol of life in common to mankind, being interpreted diverse in many cultures, and especially in the Orient as objects of spiritual communication as such, wood have strong religious and cultural meanings and at the same time become an important basis for human life in a very practical way. Even in art, wood have long been used as the material for stories or as a material for making. In particular, the tree implicitly implies to me some important key words at the center of philosophical or figurative thinking that I have long sought as an artist.
피고지고 flourish wither 나무, 백동, 채색 wood, nickel-silver, paint 8X12X2 cm 2020
피고지고 flourish wither 나무, 함석, 실, 백동, 채색 wood, zinc galvanized steel, string, nickel-silver, paint 13X11X3 cm 2020
마주보는 시간 실리콘고무, 백동 silicon rubber, nickel-silver 8.5X12.5X2.5 cm 2020