As I never before showed work at Korea, except at the Cheongju Craft Biennale in 2013, I decided to show a kind of summary of my work, a selection of round 15 years including newly-made necklaces. All pieces have in common my way of quoting shapes and topics from long ago, items of art history and daily life which I regard worth to be remembered.
While I was very much interested in classicism a couple of years, more recent work quotes from the gothic architecture. Apart from high arts I also consider more trivial designs to be quite attractive as Wilhelminian balconies or the lamps from the seventies. I try to capture its’ associative and narrative power.

Vera Siemund
Von-Ancklen-Straße 12
21029 Hamburg
Vera Siemund
Gallery O first opened in 2OO1 in a small studio space on the third floor of a nearby commercial complex. Over time, the Gallery’s collection shifted its focus from showcasing mainly the work of Korean artists to sourcing from a more diverse artist base globally, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. In 2OO9, Gallery O reopened in its current location, marking the beginning of a decade-long journey to grow into the studio it has become today. As we look forward another ten years, we are excited to announce Gallery O’s very first solo artist exhibition. I came across Vera Siemund’s work for the first time 9 years ago at the Jewelerswerk Galerie in Washington D.C., where I instantly fell in love with her work.
To me, her work communicates a fond memory of old objects and architectural motives in a strikingly contemporary way. Siemund has long made historical ornaments a focus of her work, appreciating the richness in every detail of old artistic objects and applying a contemporary twist. For example, she has previously taken the Bavarian tablecloth, and on separate occasion, textile patterns from the 195Os, to recreate those ideas in the form of traditional necklaces. Architecture has
also offered a source of inspiration for Siemund; in her recent work, she has seemingly focused much of this attention on the mid-2Oth century. Deservedly so, her perceptions of the past as described above are often amplified through her remarkable craftsmanship.
To this end, I am pleased to present Vera Siemund’s work as Gallery O’s inaugural solo exhibition.

Oh, Miwha
neckpiece, steel, enamelled copper mounted, enamelled (printed decals), handmade chain, 190 x 260 x 40 mm, centerpiece 53 x 53 x 50 mm, 2013
Neckpiece, Steel, silver sawn, mounted 21O x 29O x 3O(mm), 2O19
Neckpiece, Steel, silver sawn 21O x 41O x 5(mm) 2O13
Neckpiece, enamelled steel, silver, enamelled copper sawn, enamelled, chased 22O x 28O x 5O(mm), 2O19